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How do I care for dry hands and feet?

The skin on our hands and bodies are different, so they need different types of care.

Watch as Dermatologist Dr Emma discusses how the skin on our hands and feet is thicker than elsewhere on your body and explains the importance of paying extra attention to them by using their own specific moisturisers. She also gives us a handy foot care tip involving cream and a pair of socks!

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"We’re in the Mixa House with our dermatological expert Dr Emma. How do I care for my dry hands and feet?" Max

"It’s important to care for your hands and feet slightly differently to the rest of your body because it’s actually the thickest layer of skin that you have on your body. Your hands and feet have quite special functions and so the skin has to thicken up a little bit in order to protect itself against all of that movement." Dr Emma

"Is there a specific treatment?" Max

"If you are having to wash your hands a lot in the day then make sure you’re using something quite gentle which doesn’t dry your hands out quite as much and then every time you do wash your hands then put on a nice rich moisturiser so that actually you can replenish all the lipids and natural hydration within the skin. And then similarly with your feet, just before sleeping, you’re about to put your feet up, and you may even want to pop a pair of socks on as well because that can actually means that the cream can penetrate into the thick skin on the soles of the feet, so really important." Dr Emma

"Socks?" Max

"I know!" Dr Emma

"I never knew hands and feet needed so much attention." Max

"You see?" Dr Emma

"Yeah. So now I’ll take extra care of them in the future." Max

"Excellent." Dr Emma