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Food to keep your skin happy

What we put in and on our bodies is so important to keeping skin looking and feeling healthy and the link between food and skincare is greater than you may think.

We chat to Nutritionist Pixie Turner, who with a background in biochemistry, has researched into the effects that food can have on our skin. 

Watch the film to discover which ingredients are great for skin, how we can incorporate them more into our diet, as well as which foods can improve our skin pigmentation to help keep the appearance of skin healthy.

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This article reflects the opinions of Pixie Turner and is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, starting any new regime or course of conduct.

"Today I’m joined by Pixie our nutritionist- Hi pixie! " Max

"Hi, lovely to be here." Pixie

"So were going to talk about skincare and food." Max

"Yes 2 topics that people don’t always necessarily put together I think. I did a degree in bio chemistry I went on to a do a Masters in nutrition so I learnt a lot about the effect that food can have on our skin there."

"Which ingredients are good for my skin?" 

"Berries. Such a good source of Vitamins, Antioxidants, vitamin C especially. Then we’ve got our omega 3 fatty acids so in like flaxseeds, fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin E in the avocado and then obviously not forgetting our protein to be able to build up collagen in our skin, and then complex carbohydrates like oats."

"Ok, regarding the pigmentation - the appearance of the skin-  are there some specifically good ingredients for that?" Max

"Yes Vitamin A which is found in sweet potato -that’s a really good one. UV damage causes an inflammatory effect on our skin and having anti- inflammatory foods like omega 3 fatty acids that’s really important for combatting that. Eating foods that have a really high water content is really good for hydration. So Cucumber actually is the vegetable that has the highest water content, a cucumber is I think 95-96 percent water which is quite a lot. So all these foods have a really high water content and are really good for hydrating you from the inside." 

"Great thank you very much Pixie." Max