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Mixa & My Skincare Routine

Do you make time for moisturising?  We chat to Mother’s Meeting, a collective group of creative mothers who love to discuss fashion, beauty and design as much as inspiring family stories and practical parenting tips.

In the busy world we live in, our mothers discuss how they go about finding ‘me time’, and knowing what’s best when it comes to a body care routine. 

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"Welcome back to The Mixa House and we’re going to be talking about skincare routine." Jenny

"I’ve always moisturised, but I think now I’m a mother I do it more because it’s more of a luxury isn’t it, like a bit more me time, a couple more minutes in the shower or the bathroom" Mother

"I’m still in here! Still busy!" Mother

"And do you notice the difference if you haven’t actually moisturised?"  Jenny

"Yeah I feel like my skin is like, it’s like I’m wearing a weird suit. It’s really itchy." Mother

"It’s quite hard when you’re a mum to have time to sort of  be in the bathroom and have time to you know have 15 minutes with the moisturiser, cleanser, toner, the million different things that you can do with skincare routine" Jenny

"At night time before I go to bed I like to get out of the shower and then when I’m still a little bit damp, then put the cream on, so it’s all moist and warm and it just seems to suck in a bit more"

"Thank you so much for coming, it’s been a lovely afternoon with you all and I hope you’re looking forward to getting moistured up too." Jenny