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Pregnancy & Skin

Our bodies can change dramatically through and after pregnancy. We chat to Mother’s Meeting, a collective group of creative mothers who love to discuss fashion, beauty and design as much as inspiring family stories and practical parenting tips.

At a time where we need some extra TLC, our mothers chat about changes they saw in their skin and new body care routines they began because of it. 

Watch to discover how our different Mixa ranges can benefit different types of skin, depending on skin type and what stage we are in our lives. 

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"Welcome back to the Mixa house. Freddie you’ve used Mixa your whole life?" Jenny

"And what I really love about it now is how it evolves with your needs. Now that I’ve given birth and my skin is stretching back it looks like its been through so much it needs some extra TLC. So now I definitely go for the Repair one, I really love how you can match it to your different needs." Freddie

"I think when you’re pregnant and your stomach gets so big and it gets so tight and itchy" 

"Yes exactly" Mother

"I used to take oat baths when I was pregnant" Jenny

"Did you!?"  Jenny 

"Yeah. I had a really itchy bump from where my skin would stretch and stuff I’d scratch it all day."

"That’s when stretch marks come. So you don’t just sprinkle them with rose petals?" Jenny

"Some smells that I used to love, when I was pregnant, made me feel so sick, even the perfume that I’d usually wear. So yeah the fact that these do smell nice but not too strong" Mother

"And you know what? In years to come these smells will remind us of these times wont they?"  Mother

"Thank you so much for coming. It’s been a lovely afternoon with you all." Jenny